History Overview about the Sabbath day.


My dear friend,

Would you like to know the truth about the Sabbath? Not a truth taught by mere men, by the truth taught by God's Word and confirmed by historical documents?

One of the hardest things for me when I left the Seventh-day Adventist church was to be forced to face the reality about the Sabbath. I firmly believed that God's Sabbath had to be kept by ALL Christians and I believed it was clearly taught throughout the Bible.

However God had other plans. My prayer about "God, please me to your truth" was not only answered by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but also by guiding me to a discovery that took me months to accept and apply in my life.

One Sabbath, while I visited with my mother-in-law, I went on her computer searching for a source for free Bibles to hand out to people. Instead of using a search engine, I just tried to type URLs containing the word Bibles. The first site I went to was http://www.bible.ca  As I was scanning through that site, I somehow ended up at http://www.bible.ca/sabbath.htm  and I started to giggle "How can they refute the Sabbath? This is ridiculous!" However, I was attracted to the site: http://www.bible.ca/H-sunday.htm , and to my horror, I found historical quotes from our early church fathers. I quickly decided this was not for me, and I got off the computer.

However, I was burdened by some of the information that got into my subconscious, and although I didn't want to go back to that site, the next Sabbath I found myself going back - just to quiet my conscience, I told myself! I sped read through some of the documents and quickly concluded (falsely) that Christians from the first century were keeping the Sabbath and coming together on the first day of the week as well, as a commemoration of Jesus' resurrection.

My conscience continued to bother me, however, but each time I argued that I had done my job and had arrived at my conclusions. Period. But (sigh!!) God had other plans. He is very patient. Three months later, during my Christmas holidays, I was cleaning "my favorites" from my Explorer program, and I ended checking this link http://www.formeradventist.com/taylor.html . Here, I found a site put together by a former SDA pastor. The description of what he had gone through and how it had led him to leave the church was so similar to mine, that I was intrigued. This gentleman also took the time to share a study on the Sabbath. His study opened my eyes. I hadn't been ready to hear the truth, and God had patient waited 3 months to prepare me for what I would learn.

I love each of you, my Adventist friends. I feel no animosity towards any of you. I used to be one of you, and my heart goes out to you. I used to think I was in the true church, that I belonged to the remnant church. In reality, I was blinded by doctrines from men. I would read my Bible in search of conformation of SDA doctrinal teachings. Anything I found that seemed to be in contradiction of these beliefs would be discarded. After all, I reasoned, the SDA theologians must know what they are doing!

But I was to learn an important truth. My friends, God is not a God of doctrines. Truth is found in a person: John 14:6-7: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Truth can only be found in Jesus Christ and He wants to have a personal relationship with you!

Jesus cares so much for the truth that He made this promise: John 16:13 "But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth." God's Holy Spirit guides us to God's truth, which is Jesus. Truth is not to be found in a church or in any human individual or institution. Truth can only be found in God.

My friends, the way I see it, when you get to this portion of this website you are faced with three choices:

Choice #1: You can discard this message and say "This is ridiculous!" If you did, I wouldn't blame you, for I also did the same. But ask yourself this important question: If you discard this message, will you being doing God justice? Will you have peace of heart, knowing that you have thoroughly searched the Scriptures? Will you be placing your trust in an omniscient God who is big enough to guide you into ALL truth?

Choice #2: You can decided to read through this material, all the while looking to find fault, ever holding fast to the position that your church holds over the Truth found in the Word. But please remember, Satan destroys, but God builds up. Are you willing to risk putting away God's truth to promote your own truth? John 8:32 tells us that only "the truth will set you free."

Choice #3: The final choice would be to read through this and ask God to reveal His truth to you. I can promise you that God is never wrong and He will guide you.

The choice is yours my friend. If you decide to go over this study, please base your observations on God's Word, the Bible, and on nothing else. It is easy to base our beliefs in other people's commentaries, however, only God's Word is the truth, and it MUST be our sole guide! Please join David in his plea for truth: Ps 25:4-5 "Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long."

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Outline of our study

Chapter 1: The first mention of the seventh day.

Chapter 2: The Sabbath from Genesis 3 to Exodus 16.

Chapter 3: The first mention of Sabbath.

Chapter 4: The Sabbath in the 10 commandments.

Chapter 5: The Sabbath in the ceremonial law.

Chapter 6: Jesus and the Sabbath.

Chapter 7: The Sabbath after Jesus' resurrection.

Chapter 8: Jesus New Commandments.

Chapter 9: Possible Objections.

Chapter 10: Historical texts of Christians meeting together.

Chapter 11: The New Testament and the first Day of the week.

Chapter 12: The difference between the two Testaments.